Friday, June 28, 2013

Technology and the Daily 5

Hi All,
I love the idea of iPads in all phases of Daily 5.  Last year I only  had 5 iPads and I could see the benefit of them all having their own.  Here is how it worked on a basic level and how I view it working next year when I go 1:1.  During Read To Self the kids grab their book boxes as well as their iPads.  They loved Far Faria.  In this app the kids can listen to stories, read them on their own or do both. (This app is also perfect for partner reading and listen to reading, which is how I will utilize them in those rounds next year).

During word work they loved Hooked On and then I just had a folder of phonics/Spelling Apps that they could access. This year they worked with our aide with a phonics program and used the iPad when they were done.  Next year when they have their own iPads they will mostly utilize apps.  I think this will make Word Work (their lest favorite round) more engaging and promote more learning because they want to do it.

The round I am most excited to introduce technology into is Work on Writing.  This year with only 5 iPads they just weren't an option during Work on Writing.  Next year they will be able to use Toon Tastic, Book Creator, dragon dictation and whatever else I can find as well as making books during this round.

I am so excited to start this journey!
Have a great week!:)C

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My First Blog

Hi All,
I am setting up this blog to communicate with other teachers at my site about my journey this year with 28 iPads for 28 kids.  But I am hoping other people will be interested and have great ideas and advice.  I have never tried something out in my classroom with such a lack of models.  Usually I see something and can copy it and change it.  This is different...I am hoping that the use of the iPads will help engage the kids, create creativity (Can you say that?)  meet the CCS and ignite new thinking.  How I don't know, let's jump in and see.
Have a great day!  :)C